Customized tailoring in the name of Unique Dress Designer


A few words about us

Raymond Shree Anand Fashion House Amritsar is intensely concerned with design as an art form. The designer draws on history, fantasy and folklore to create masterpieces that are desired by discerning aficionados around the globe. Raymond Shree Anand Fashion House Amritsar has a deep understanding of the psyche of the fashion world and it reflects in his collections that are intelligent, studied, imaginative and completely innovative yet always relevant and awe-inspiring.

Raymond Shree Anand Fashion House Amritsar was started their retail showroom in Amritsar on 25th Feb, 2013. As a partner ship firm, there are four partners Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Mr. Rajnish kumar, Mr. Amit Mahajan, Mr. Vishesh sharma in the Company who are immensely Talented and Hard Working for the growth of the Company.

Our Mission

To Create a Public Limited Company.

Our Vision

To make a World level best Raymond Shree Anand Fashion House especially for INDIAN and PUNJABI Style Gents Suits, Blazers, IndoWestern, Sherwani Jacket, Waist Coat and also for Wedding Occassion Dresses. We mostly use 90% of Raymond Fabric and 10% Italian Fabric.